Why You Should Invest in Mozambique

Over the last 25 years, Mozambique has been one of the fastest growing economies on the African continent, vastly outperforming predicted growth projections. With a fast-growing economy, and wealth of natural resources, there’s never been a better time to invest in Mozambique than right now.

Our mission is to match foreign investors with the right people and businesses on the ground in Mozambique. Our experienced advisors provide consulting and guidance on the most appropriate areas of investment, and take care of connecting you with all relevant people to make the deal happen. We aim to make the process as simple as possible, and only offer straightforward opportunities for investors.

Mozambique is one of South Africa’s best-trading partners, and also has a significant role in trade with other East African countries. This makes it a smart choice for those looking to expand across the continent and to create ties with other African nations. Recent economic developments have led to a large middle class, around 28.5 million people, and this has led to an increase in buying power for the population. This is expected to continue in the coming decades, creating vast opportunities for investors.

Oil and gas

Mozambique is one of Africa’s largest holders of natural gas and oil deposits, most of which are still untapped. Investors are currently racing to supply infrastructure to deal with these massive deposits, and it’s expected that Mozambique will become a major world player within the next decade.


The country holds some of the world’s largest deposits of coal, most of which are still untapped. There are also significant deposits of precious stones and metals, such as ruby, gold, and marble. As with gas reserves, the infrastructure around the mining industry needs to be updated to improve productivity.


With the rapidly growing economy comes the tourism boom. People in the industry are looking at Mozambique as a new Seychelles, a highly desirable title. Tourism is a smart area for investors because it’s currently on the rise and is expected to grow massively in the next two decades. It also helps to promote economic opportunity and reduce poverty disparity. By investing in tourism, you will promote local people to get involved in this desirable sector.

Improve your Business Growth!

Our goal is to use knowledge of local businesses and industries to match you with the right people. Your dedicated advisor will help to find lawyers, accountants, translators, and any other relevant human resources in order to make your investment experience as smooth as possible.

By consulting with you before suggesting investment opportunities, we aim to only suggest ones relevant to your requirements.

Now is the best time to start investing in Mozambique, so contact us to see how you can get involved in one of the fastest growing economies in Africa.